I have been thinking about coastlines, and more generally about the limits of our knowledge of the world.  From land, gazing at the surface of the water, what we see is space and light, much the same as humans saw hundreds of years past.  Standing on that coastline we have no way of knowing from our immediate senses what lies beneath the surface.   While we find comfort in standing on land, understanding and insight often happen at the edge. 

 "Coast", a drawing made of 2' x 2' panels, is based on the perspective of a Chinese scroll which gives the viewer walking past the sense of walking through a landscape.  I inscribe lines into a ground to make the manmade objects and roads which occupy the land.  I don't plan the drawing before I begin, and some panels are more abstract.  Once I have a clear concept the image follows.  The configuration of panels depends on the space available.  There are missing panels, questions unanswered.  The drawing resists completion. 


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